Welcome! This site chronicles our adventures on s/v Mollie Jean.  Our boat is a 2000 Hunter 380 that we have enjoyed with our kids for almost 20 years.  In April 2016 she took a direct lightening strike that resulted in the destruction of all things electrical and electronic, and damage to the running and standing rigging. We took that as Mother Nature saying “Get a move on!”…so we have. She was moved to the Seabrook area for repairs which were completed in April 2017, and is currently being refitted for our next chapter in life.


We are David & Lori. I run a technology company in North Texas and my wife Lori is retired. We are veterans of Lake and Caribbean Island cruising. We recently moved our Hunter 380 from a local Texas lake to the coast. This will give us the opportunity for more “local” coastal cruising.

This picture is of Faro Blanco in the Florida Keys: One of our favorite places stateside.

This site is for tracking our cruising progress and allowing us to share our experiences. Over the years we have learned from many cruisers both through their websites and also knowing some personally. It’s our turn to give back where we can.


Another Update

OK. I promise that Chapter 5 is coming soon. I will address our insurance company problems and the last of the repairs. The good news is: s/v Mollie Jean is fixed!  There are two minor things to be done, but this boat floats and is ready for some sailing time. We are really looking forward …


Our goal is to be “zipcode free”. The best way to contact us is below: