Chapter 3: Assumptions

You know the old saying: Assumptions make an …, well it’s true in a situation like this.

Not knowing how long things take, we sat back and waited for the magic of inspections, quotes, etc. so we could get approvals and start repairs. My business was very busy at the time, so weeks became months. Finally, one of the two straws that broke the camel’s back appeared.

Straw #1: After such a long period of time with no progress, I drove up to the service center to see where we were with quotes. The insurance company had authorized everything. The surveyor had been onboard. Just what was taking so long?

I arrived at the marina, found the service manager, and the response was: “Oh, so you are ready for us to start our quote?”.

If Lesson One is: Take lots of pictures, Lesson Two is: If a service center or marina milk fees for all they can – they will. With the boat just sitting in the yard, the marina was making money. They didn’t care how long it took. Realizing this, we learned we had to talk at a 3rd grade level with a big stick to get anything done.  So, from that point on, the emails and calls were on a very, very regular basis.

A side note on communication:

1.  Email is best: Both sides of the conversation are recorded.

2. If your state allows it: record all calls. It is amazing the short term memory of marinas and trades.

3. Document everything! Our claim is not complete, yet our folder is over 3″ thick and we have hundreds of megs of emails, documents, phone conversations, and pictures.

Straw #1 was the delay. Straw #2 done broke the camel’s back.